Nutrition for the Heart & Soul

My chocolate addiction goes as far back as I can recall and while for many years I’ve made mindful food choices, my issue remained..WHAT ABOUT CHOCOLATE? The reputation of chocolate as a junk food should more accurately be attributed to the negative health effects of  white sugar, commercial processing and  added ingredients, most of which can’t be pronounced. Alternatively, if COCOA is enjoyed close to it’s natural state and with whole ingredients, the health benefits can be significant. So with that in mind, I created CocoFUEL.  No ADDED SUGAR, DAIRY, SOY, PRESERVATIVES or other JUNK found  in almost all other chocolate bars.  I look forward to sharing DELICIOUS , NUTRITIOUS CocoFUEL with you. Purchase Online… follow us on Facebook & THANK YOU  for your interest!!! 

When you eat good food, you think better thoughts!

Paula Charleson Creator/Founder
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