My love for chocolate goes as far back as I can remember and while I’ve had no problem giving up unhealthy, processed and sugary foods, chocolate was going to be a problem. Most commercial chocolate is made from a compound -a solid block form made with a percentage of cocoa, vegetable fat, dairy, soy lecithin and lots of sugar or cane sugar. One small piece of most commercial chocolate sets off an addictive sugar cycle, making it difficult to have that daily recommended serving.

The reputation of chocolate as a junk food is more accurately attributed to commercial processing and commonly added cheap ingredients to yield the most profit. Soy lecithin, processed sugar, cane sugar and other preservatives while profitable, are not only unnecessary, but they overpower the delicious taste of the cocoa.

In 2013, my mission was to create a bar to show there’s a better way to enjoy chocolate without the guilt. I spent 6 months crafting the perfect balance of cocoa butter, cocoa powder, honey and vanilla. COCOFUEL was created -a clean chocolate made with only four organic ingredients and a small amount of honey. No soy, no preservatives, no junk, just real food!

A small amount of COCOFUEL leaves you satisfied and you can enjoy that recommended daily allowance of chocolate without setting off the addictive sugar cycle.

Even if you’re “addicted” to sugar you can reset your taste buds in a short time to enjoy all real foods.
-Paula Charleson

“Americans now use 600 million pounds of flavorings every year,” he says. “We have made bland, high calorie food taste thrillingly delicious. And we can’t stop eating it. And to make matters worse, whole foods, like tomatoes, chickens and cucumbers, are getting blander and blander. In short, everything that’s gone wrong with food and our eating habits can be understood through flavor.” -Mark Schatzker. The Dorito Effect

Paula Charleson - Founder/Creator

These bars are AMAZING! -Yanina B

I found them at my local Whole Foods in Cranston, RI and was delighted to learn the company is right here in RI. They are delicious and not too sweet which is great, they just taste like pure chocolate goodness, I’m an addict now! -Yanina B



COCOFUEL is Super Yummy -Natalie G.

I have many food allergies and Coco Fuel is super yummy and safe for me to eat! I also love how it so low in sugar. Natalie G.



This was amazing! -Nicole C.

I have been desperately looking for a chocolate bar without processed sugar. This was amazing! Can’t wait to pick more up! Thank you for creating an amazing chocolate bar I don’t have to feel guilty about eating! -Nicole C.




My taste buds thank you. -Sasha H.

Just tried the toasted coconut and the almond butter bars with my sister. Oh my goodness. So good! my taste buds thank you. -Sasha H.




Absolutely delicious. -Jenny H.

I just received my 8 bars from my Kickstarter pledge. I tried half the toasted coconut and half the almond butter. Absolutely delicious. -Jenny H.




That was the best chocolate I have ever had. -Paul N.

I got 4 bars sent to me in Naples FL, and I gave them to my cast mates as Valentines Day gifts. They LOVED it. One of them said… “That was the best chocolate I have ever had.” -Paul N.




Just had an amazing treat! CocoFUEL! -Whole Foods Market, Wellesley, MA.

You have to try this. Just had an amazing treat! COCOFUEL ! My favorite is Almond Butter. -Whole Foods Market, Wellesley, MA.




It is AWESOME! -Joanne M.

Thank you for my order and a BIG THANK YOU for the samples of Almond Butter!!! It is AWESOME! -Joanne M.




Thank you Paula for this AMAZING healthy treat!! -Eddie E.

This is the best Sugar free dark Chocolate I have ever tasted. Thank you Paula for this AMAZING healthy treat!! -Eddie E.




Trust me they are outstanding!!! -Lisa P.

We featured these at the 2nd Annual Golf Outing for the Lt. Jim Pagano Foundation. Trust me they are outstanding!!! -Lisa P.




This is quite tasty. -Alexander C.

This is quite tasty. But comparing to regular chocolate bars (the serious kind, not the over-sweetened stuff), there’s really a lot of cocoa butter here — much like chocolate truffle. I think now I understand why it’s named cocofuel. -Alexander C.




All I can say is WOW! -Mike C.

All I can say is “WOW!” They arrived today, and I have to be careful not to eat all 8 bars in one shot!! -Mike C.




Talk about rich and complex flavor! -Daniel A.

Package arrived and tried the almond butter first, talk about rich and complex flavor! -Daniel A.




I would say you did a great job with this product Paula! Priscilla R.

I love the 2 flavors I chose especially the almond butter, and will probably buy the other flavors when I run out. I would say you did a great job with this product Paula! -Priscilla R.